News and Leisure on the Go

When you’re a time poor traveller, convenience makes all the difference. News Travels’ quick and attentive service, and dedication to ensuring stock availability and innovation, will see you in and out in plenty of time for your boarding call or your transfer to your destination.

News Travels is your airport newsagency, bringing you local newspapers, the latest magazines and best-selling books, as well as a range of drinks, confectionary and little necessities for your journey.

We keep our shelves up-to-date with the latest magazines, from Who, Woman’s Day and Elle to Men’s Style, GQ, Harvard Business Review and Australia’s The Monthly. We have the latest international and Australian top selling novels, along with a range of popular classics.

For those who like to stay occupied during the flight, we have a range of puzzle and quiz magazines. We even have standard reading glasses if you’ve accidentally packed yours. We’ve got pens and other stationery covered too.

If you’ve just touched down, stop in to pick up a mobile phone with a local package. Our tech range also includes headphones, hand-held games, and smartphone and tablet cases.

Whether coming or going, pick up a cold drink, chocolate or snacks. A range of toiletries, from toothpaste and chapstick to tissues and headache remedies will ensure you have everything covered for a comfortable flight.

News Travels also lets you get hold of last-minute souvenirs, postcards and gifts.

Whether travelling internationally or domestically, alone or with the family, your last minute travel needs are at your fingertips at News Travels.


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