Interviewing can sometimes be a turbulent experience, so to keep things as smooth and stress-free as possible, please reach into your seat pocket and read through this pre-interview guide. Think of it as your in-flight cabin crew, here to support you in your journey towards your new role.

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How did you get here?

Know your CV back to front, and better yet, line up your experience with the job ad.

Where are you travelling today?

Nobody wants to be late for boarding – check out your best route and any likely travel delays with Google Maps.

Boarding attire: smart casual

Leave your favourite suit at home and travel in your interpretation of smart casual attire.

Practice makes perfect

Pre-flight preparation is important – make notes and know what you want to talk about to help eliminate those pre-flight nerves.

Flight mode

Nothing is worse than a mid-interview phone call. Switch your phone to silent or flight mode and settle in.

Take us on a journey

We love responses that are relevant to the original question, and where possible use real-life examples.

Keep it positive

There are many reasons why you’re considering a role with us. Remember our values and focus on the positives throughout the interview.

Relax – don’t be a nervous flier

While nerves can get the better of anyone, remember to relax and breathe. We want you to succeed as much as you want to!

Need anything else before your interview? Email our friendly HR team at Otherwise, we wish you the best of luck en route to your new role!