Authentic Indigenous Art

Dreamtime Journey celebrates Indigenous Australia through a range of beautifully crafted gifts from both emerging and recognised Aboriginal artists.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures in Australia are tens of thousands of years old.  For many thousands of years, Australia’s Indigenous people have used symbols to convey messages and stories, which have been handed down through generations to preserve Aboriginal culture and spirituality.

Dreamtime Journey aims to increase awareness of Aboriginal artistry through a beautiful range of authentic products, which include handcrafted didgeridoos, boomerangs, jewellery, homewares, books, prints, bags, canvasses and much more.

Many of our gifts are truly unique to Indigenous Australian culture, created by artists living in Central Australia, Darwin and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory, and the Tiwi Islands (north of Darwin, in the Torres Strait).

Indigenous galleries with whom Dreamtime Journey works include Keringke Arts, Maraku Arts, Tiwi Designs, Cheeky Dogs, and Helping People Achieve, a Darwin organisation that supports Territorians with physical and intellectual disabilities.


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