Welcome to awpl! Before you begin with us there is a few extra steps for you to take, the following page will help you to feel as prepared as possible.

To ensure we are able to capture important information ensure the following online form has been filled out with your most up to date details.

We have included some of our key policies which apply to all employees working at awpl, feel free to have a read prior to your first day.

Policy 1

& Safety

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Policy 2

Discrimination &
Harassment Free Workplace

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Policy 3

Staff Conditions

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Policy 11

Code of

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Policy 18

Staff Purchases
and Policy

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Policy 19


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Our purpose at awpl is to ensure every interactions is positive and memorable. To support this awpl has implemented a companywide customer experience program called Heartbeat. Watch the below video before your first day to understand more about how we interact with our valued customers.

Don’t forget to have a look around the awpl website for a quick refresh on the company, here’s some quick links to get you started