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September 2018: AWPL delivers a new must-visit experience for domestic & international customers alike.

awpl, the region’s leading travel retailer, has launched Textilis – a premium natural fibre concept – in Terminal 2 of Sydney Airport. Named for the Latin word meaning “woven” or “braided”, Textilis explores the collaborative history of natural fibres in its presentation of premium garments and accessories.

A new name in the Australian travel retail experience, Textilis evokes an experience of time, introducing customers to the ancient connection between natural fibres and humanity by presenting garments and accessories which are desired and sought after in today’s modern world. Aware of the level of intrinsic trust placed in natural fabrics, customer shop with the knowledge that their purchase will be loved and stay with them for a long time to come.  

The aesthetic represented within the space of the store gives a sense of comfort and luxury when entering. Built with locally sourced natural fibres and woods, Textilis enhances the sense of place and belonging, bringing a piece of Sydney into Sydney Airport.

Simon Buckle, awpl Merchandise Manager (Apparel), said “We are thrilled to launch Textilis with our trusted partners at Sydney Airport. Our commitment is to enrich our customers’ experience at every touchpoint, offering a range of luxurious natural fibre products including Australian merino and sheepskin, silk, and bamboo fibre products. Textilis provides customers convenient access to a wide range of beautiful products from Sydney-, Australia-, and New Zealand-based brands including Charlie Middleton, Smitten, Shovava, Untouched World, Icebreaker, and more.”